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 When I first came to Bill's studio, I was also taking lessons with another piano teacher. Although Bill came with high praise from a friend of mine, he was significantly farther from my house than the other teacher. But in the third week of my studies, I asked the teacher who was close to my house a question about a particular chord progression (I had played for 13 years in my youth, so I was conversant in music theory, but not fluent), his vague answer went something like, "I can't explain how I do it. I just feel it." At my next lesson with Bill, he not only answered my question with extreme clarity, but he answered it BEFORE I ASKED IT. He saw the problem in the way I was playing before I pointed it out to him. My decision was made. I didn't care how far Bill was from my house, the trip would be worth it.

 And I was right, for more than 2 years, every class with Bill has been so much more than just eye-opening. My knowledge of music theory has radically improved as has my ear training. Concepts that I struggled with for years when previously playing have quickly become second nature under Bills tutelage.

 In addition to Bill's ability to work with people like me who have had years of previous training, he is also great with the new learners I see him working with while I'm in his waiting room. He is patient and supportive with even the youngest of students. In fact, as an educator myself, I've made mental notes on his teaching style that I repurpose for my own teaching.

 In sum, no matter where you are in your studies, Bill Hynes will get you to the next level in no time!

Jon Hodge Ph.D.
Strictly English TOEFL Tutors.

Jon improvising on "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"